Lei (Garland)

My initial experience with lei pua (flower lei) was a frightening one. As a child of five, visiting my Maui cousins for the first time, I was unacquainted with the custom of lei giving and became overwhelmed as cousin after cousin placed lei after lei over my head. Overcome by the fragrance and the weight of the flowers I simply sank to my knees. Continue reading “Lei (Garland)”


Sundays at the Old Dutch Church – August 7th, 2016

I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area during the Cold War. I remember learning how to “Duck and Cover” in the hallway of my elementary school, in case of nuclear attack. I took Russian Language, Russian Literature, and the Politics and Economics of the Soviet Union in high school. I continued this line of study into college when I decided to declare a Russian Studies major. At the end of my sophomore year I transferred to the Institute of Soviet and East European Studies at a Canadian University.  Having enough credits to complete the major, I decided to double-major in Religious Studies. I thought that if more people understood the language, history and literature of a people, we could make peace, even if our governments failed us. Continue reading “Sundays at the Old Dutch Church – August 7th, 2016”

Sundays at the Old Dutch Church – July 31st, 2016

On April 21, 1697, the first child was baptized at the Old Dutch Church. Her name was Rebecca, daughter of Jan and Maria Heyert. Thus, began the cycle of baptisms, marriages, and deaths up to this, our 331st year as a church community. Continue reading “Sundays at the Old Dutch Church – July 31st, 2016”