Saturdays at the Old Dutch Church – July 30th, 2016

old dutch frontOn Saturdays, the folks that make their way up the hill towards the Old Dutch Church do so with various intentions – or no intentions at all. Some find themselves walking through the church doors not really knowing why they came. They know¬†nothing of Irving, The Legend, the Dutch, or the history, but they show up, as if answering a summons from On High. Continue reading “Saturdays at the Old Dutch Church – July 30th, 2016”


Kapu (Set Apart)

Kapu image
Kapu placed at Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site, Kohala, Hawai’i Island

On the GoVisitHawaii site, there is a warning, “Honor Kapu Symbols When You Visit Hawaii”. Kapu means that something is set apart from other things. Usually, this has something to do with separating the sacred from the profane. Continue reading “Kapu (Set Apart)”

Saturdays at the Old Dutch Church, July 16, 2016

The 21st and 17th centuries collided today at the Old Dutch in the form of Hamilton and Pokemon Go. Yes, we had a Hamilton in the house – a descendant of that same man Lin-Manuel Miranda has immortalized in the award-winning Broadway phenomenon. My first question was, “Have you seen the show?” and he has and he likes it! Continue reading “Saturdays at the Old Dutch Church, July 16, 2016”

Sundays at the Old Dutch Church, July 10, 2016

inside ODCOne of the things that surprises folks the most when they visit the Old Dutch Church is that it’s still used for Sunday services. Not only is it still used for services, it’s still used by the community of believers that trace their beginnings back to the founding of the church in 1685 by the first Lord Frederick Philipse Continue reading “Sundays at the Old Dutch Church, July 10, 2016”

July 4th, 2016 at the Old Dutch

Well, I missed Saturday at the Old Dutch on July 2nd. I was stuck in Chicago because 2500 flights were cancelled or delayed on July 1st due to thunderstorm activity in the Northeast shutting¬†down all of the airports. My only option was to wait it out in the Courtyard Marriott and suck it up until I could get “Outta Chicago O’Hare” on Sunday. Note to self, business conferences should not end on the day before a major holiday weekend. Continue reading “July 4th, 2016 at the Old Dutch”