Ipu (Gourd/Percussion Instrument)

My mother, Kanoelani O’Connor with her ipu.

Waiting on a subway platform was part of my daily commute for almost 10 years. Expressing down to 14th Street from Times Square to pick up the local to Canal and Varick. Waiting on the platform, listening to the number 2 wiz by on its way to Brooklyn. The sound of train connecting with track. A New York City rhythm beckoning a more primal rhythm. The slap, tap, tap of the ipu beating out the footsteps of the first hula I ever learned – Kawika. Continue reading “Ipu (Gourd/Percussion Instrument)”


A Fitting Resting Place for Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow

soul effigy
The Soul Effigy on a colonial headstone indicates the ascension of the soul after death

It’s been a week since Abbie Mills died and I’m still uncomfortable with the ending. That scene with Ichabod in front of her tombstone with the missing first name “Grace” – a name that has so much significance to her family history. And the simple epitaph that said what she did, but not who she was, or what she meant to others. Continue reading “A Fitting Resting Place for Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow”

The Last Black Woman in Sleepy Hollow

Lyndie Greenwood in “Mama”

Can we talk for a moment about Lyndie Greenwood? I’m having a real hard time understanding the shade being thrown her way. Of the original cast, she and Tom Mison appear to be the only ones who’ve made it through 3 seasons of Sleepy Hollow. (There should be a special Emmy award just for that.) Fox Execs have killed or disappeared more residents of Sleepy Hollow than the Headless Horseman. Continue reading “The Last Black Woman in Sleepy Hollow”

Doing the Lord’s Work in Sleepy Hollow

Abbie Mills and her partner, Ichabod Crane

My #HollowHangout girls are falling apart. Chrissy, @SleepyAddicts, had surgery yesterday; Christine, @SpotonLI, brought her doggy home with a “cone-of-shame” and knows way too many cocktail recipes; Linda @Gentlegale, took to her bed with back pains; Darla, @OriginalDBubble, Regina, @clement_regina and Michelle @MichelleEdd83 are still crying and trying to find the answer to the question, “What just happened?”; and I’ve just come home from the doctor after getting 20 cortisone shots in my leg and foot because of a psoriasis outbreak. Continue reading “Doing the Lord’s Work in Sleepy Hollow”

Miss Havisham in Sleepy Hollow

Helena Bonham-Carter as Miss Havisham

I took a break today from social media and attended to family affairs. My daughter, a budding writer and director of audio books came to visit and I shared my Sleepy Hollow news with her. Continue reading “Miss Havisham in Sleepy Hollow”

Sleepy Hollow Could Have Been Hamilton

Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison

Full Disclosure

I am a 61 year old SleepySister and prospective first-time grandmother. I was a sitting Deacon at the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns, which includes the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, NY for S2 & S3 of Sleepy Hollow (Fox). Continue reading “Sleepy Hollow Could Have Been Hamilton”